About Me

I often describe my work as127cropped to sq  an intuitive and improvisational approach to working with materials.  It is my goal to create A diverse body of work. Imaginative art, inspired by nature, science, people and an enjoyment of the process of making it.I describe myself as creatively adventurous.  I love creating and exhibiting my paintings, collages and sculptural creations in galleries around the country.  I have in the past, incorporated my fascination with stitching and textiles into my studio practice. I spent several years creating dolls… I am now looking more toward “painting” with fabrics and creating altered books and larger scaled pieces from objects and photographs.
I have exhibited my work in solo and group shows around the Spartanburg and Greenville area. In June 2013, my solo exhibition, “What A Doll”, opened at the West Main Artists Cooperative in Spartanburg, SC;   July 2013, I was invited to and,  participated in the co-op’s invitational figurative show. My paintings are currently available for viewing and purchase at the Spartanburg Cultural Center in Spartanburg , South Carolina. My art is in many private collections and several boutique galleries , as well as available through my studio.

In 2005 I moved from Providence Rhode Island to Spartanburg SC,  I have been creating and showing art locally since. I currently live and work in Spartanburg. I grew up in the State of Rhode Island, attended the Rhode Island School of Design where I studied illustration, I also attended Katharine Gibbs University where I studied graphic design earning my certification in 2003.


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